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Electricity - it's one of the most important innovations in the history of humankind. It's hard to imagine life without electricity, and for good reason. Nearly every aspect of our lives is affected by electricity in some form or fashion, from the way you wash your clothes to the effort you put in at work. From a residential standpoint, you need it to cook, clean, entertain, and live comfortably. For commercial purposes, electricity is used to power the computers needed to keep America moving. That's why, when the electricity in your home or at your job is compromised, life grinds to a halt. Unfortunately, electrical problems are inevitable in today's day and age. When the electricity in your home or commercial workspace fails, you need a quick, effective solution that will get your life back on track. And that, in a nutshell, is where L&M Electric, Inc. shines the brightest.

Our company was founded in 2009 by Roger Lee and John Mezzles. With a combined 46 years of electrical experience, the two entrepreneurs set out to create a company that offers quality workmanship and unparalleled service to all its builders and clients. Today, we are proud to have served South Carolina for nearly two decades as the premier electrician contractor in Powdersville, SC. Our family-owned business specializes in both residential and commercial electrical work. Our highly-trained team has the experience and skills to handle any electrical issue, from minor panel breaker problems to large-scale industrial issues.

Despite winning numerous awards and recognitions in the Southeast, we don't let our accolades go to our head. Our team is committed to providing effective, personalized electrical work for every one of our customers. We take pride in our ability to offer peace of mind to our customers when they need it most, and that's exactly what we aim to provide to you too. We're talking one-on-one service provided by a friendly, professional electrician. There are no corners cut, no hidden fees, and no excuses - only the highest quality work from the finest electricians in Powdersville.

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What sets us apart from other electricians in Powdersville, SC? It boils down to three reasons:
Customer-Centric, Quality Electric Service
Customer-Centric, Quality Electric Service

As guests in your home, you won't ever have to worry about a member of our team trying to sell you something you don't need. Our job is to serve your electrical needs. You expect the highest quality electrical work in South Carolina, and that's what we will provide.

Experienced, Affordable Electricians
Experienced, Affordable Electricians

You understand that the highest quality work requires fair compensation, but you're not made of money. Our commitment is to offer affordable electric work at a price you're satisfied paying.

Family Owned & Operated
Family Owned & Operated

We know that you are choosing L&M Electric for a reason. Unlike large corporations, we truly care about our customers. As a family business, serving you is personal for us. We stake our reputation on the quality of our work. As such, we are accountable and will always strive to deliver the service you have come to expect from our company.

Affordable Electric Service That Makes You Feel Like Family

At L&M Electric, we employ the brightest commercial and residential electricians in Powdersville. Having electricians that specialize in both residential and commercial projects allow us to provide our customers with a wider range of services.

Our team fixes a broad range of electrical issues, but we have built our reputation on the following electric services:

 Smart Home Electrician Powdersville, SC

Electrical Repairs

Every homeowner has to deal with an electrical component breaking or failing at some point. When that happens, you need a partner who can troubleshoot the problem and correct the issue efficiently and effectively. A few common problems that we help solve for our customers include:

  • Ceiling Fan Repair
  • Light Fixture Repair
  • Light Switch & Outlet Repair
  • Electrical Safety Inspection
 Smart Home Installation Powdersville, SC

Electrical Installations

Whether you have a new ceiling fan that needs to be installed or you have a new electrical outlet that you'd like added to your bedroom, L&M Electric is here to help. Our team installs quality solutions every day of the week - there's no electrical installation job your residential electrician in Powdersville, SC, can't handle. Here is a glance at some of the installation projects that we complete for homeowners:

  • Smart Home Installation
  • Electric Car Charging Station Installation
  • Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation
 Electrical Repairs Powdersville, SC

Renovations and Remodeling

If you're renovating or remodeling your home, you need a professional electrician on-hand to work to properly install your new electrical devices and systems. Our skilled electricians are happy to work with you or your remodeling consultant to install your lights and keep your home shining bright. Common renovation and remodeling jobs include:

  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Kitchen Lighting Renovations
  • Finished Basement Electrical Wiring
 Electrical Safety Inspection Company Powdersville, SC

New Construction Electrical Projects

Many new construction homeowners stress about having their electrical system wired from scratch. For us, it's just another day on the job. If you're building your dream home, don't leave your electrical work to mediocre electricians. Trust L&M electric for reliable service and the highest quality electrical work in Powdersville. A few new construction projects we handle are:

  • Breaker Panel Box Installation
  • Wiring for Backup Generator
  • Landscape Lighting Outdoors
  • Low Voltage Wiring
 Whole Home Electrical Install Powdersville, SC

Your Residential Electrician in Powdersville, SC

When you own a home, there's something inherently fulfilling about taking care of your property and fixing issues that pop up over time. When it comes to electrical work, however, DIY projects can be dangerous. Electricity is an amazing innovation, but if you aren't fully trained and licensed to handle such work, it's best to leave it to the experts at L&M Electric. Your home's safety is essential for you and your family. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure that your home's electrical system is operating correctly without any concerning problems.

With more than 60 years of combined experience as electricians, we are capable of troubleshooting and fixing a litany of electrical issues in your house. Keep reading to learn more about the most common electrical issues our customers report, along with some handy tips on how to remediate such problems.

Electrical Services Powdersville, SC

Panel Breaker is Tripped

If you don't have any power in your home, it might be time to check your electrical panel to see if there are any tripped breakers. If you spot a tripped breaker, try your best to switch it over to its original position. If you can't, remember that some breakers need to be flipped to the "off" position before turning it back on. If you don't have any luck, give our office a call. We'll send a trained residential electrician in Powdersville to your home to fix the problem on-site.

 Remodel And Renovation Electrical Work Powdersville, SC

Overhead Fan Stops Working

If you have an overhead fan in your living room or bedroom, you know how quickly it can accumulate dust. Most homeowners clean up using a rod duster. However, sometimes homeowners accidentally hit the fan direction switch when doing so. But, instead of flipping it "on" or "off," they bump it into a limbo zone where neither direction is selected. When this happens, your overhead fan will not spin. If one of your fans stops working suddenly, this is one of the most common reasons why. If you're sure you didn't hit the fan direction switch, it could be an indication of a larger problem. In this case, call our office for a free phone consultation. We'll troubleshoot with you over the phone and if necessary, send out an electrician.

 Electrician Powdersville, SC

Kitchen Breaker Keeps Tripping

If your home was built in the last 35 years, chances are it has two 20-amp circuits running to your kitchen countertop outlets. Newer homes will have three circuits. If you're constantly tripping the breaker to your kitchen, it's most likely because you have too many electrical devices connected to the same circuit. To help alleviate this problem, place appliances like coffee makers and toasters on two different circuits. That way, they can share the load.

At the end of the day, your home is your place of solitude and relaxation. But, when you have electrical issues in your home, things can quickly go from peaceful to problematic. Whether you're renovating your home and need a new room wired for power or your panel breaker keeps giving your problems, L&M Electric is here to assist. If you have questions about an issue or need to schedule service, our team is ready to help answer your questions and coordinate the best time for a residential electrician to come to your home in Powdersville.

 Smart Home Electrician Powdersville, SC

Tips to Save Money and Maintain Your Home's Electrical Systems

Unlike some of our competitors, who are reluctant to provide any information that might prevent them from making a buck, L&M Electric is all about empowering our customers. If we can offer sound advice that will educate our clients and help them save money, we have no problem doing so. That's why we have put together some helpful tips and tricks for maintaining your home's most common electrical systems. Because, at the end of the day, a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to your family's safety.

 Smart Home Installation Powdersville, SC

Install Surge Protectors

Intense lighting storms can cause powerful surges of electricity that ruin your home's electrical appliances and amenities. Surge protectors installed at your electrical panel can help prevent these surges by grounding the electricity running through your home. They do so by directing it away from your electrical devices. This common solution is inexpensive, effective, and always a better choice than replacing expensive items like TVs and computers.

 Electrical Repairs Powdersville, SC

Examine Your Breaker Panel

Breaker panels control the power to your home. When they go bad or are damaged, there's a good chance that you will lose power to most of the rooms in your house. Open your breaker panel and keep a sharp eye out for signs of corrosion and rust. Double-check that each breaker you see flips on and off properly. If you notice corrosion or if the breaker switches won't flip, it's time to get in touch with a residential electrician in Powdersville, SC, who can inspect your breaker panel and recommend upgrades if necessary.

 Electrical Safety Inspection Company Powdersville, SC

Test Your GFIs

GFIs, or Ground Fault Interrupters, are similar to surge protectors in that they prevent electrical damage from happening in your home. The primary job of a GFI is to prevent electrical shocks that happen during a ground fault. Because water is a conductor of electricity, GFIs should be installed anywhere that an outlet comes into contact with water. You should try to test your GFIs every month, if possible, to ensure that they are working correctly. When you look closely at your GFI, you will notice a "test" and a "reset" button. Hit the "test" button to trip the GFI outlet and then hit "reset" to restore power. If your outlet resets, your GFI is working as it should. If not, you need to replace your GFI outlet. Because electricity is involved, we recommend hiring a professional to install new GFIs in your home. That way, you know the job is done right.

 Whole Home Electrical Install Powdersville, SC

Replace Outdated Light Bulbs

The right light bulb can add the perfect amount of ambiance to your home. Eventually, however, even the best light bulbs will need replacing. While they don't need checking every month, it's a good idea to inspect all your bulbs at the beginning of the year. If any of your bulbs are dead, you should replace them. You should also consider replacing bulbs that are incandescent with LED lights. LED light bulbs may cost more upfront but use less electricity and are more efficient over the long run.

Electrical Services Powdersville, SC

Schedule a Home Safety Inspection

In terms of preventative maintenance, scheduling a safety inspection for your home's electrical systems should be a high priority. These inspections will shine a light on the electrical features in your home that need to be fixed. Most modern electrical fires are caused by short circuit arcs, defective insulation, or broken wiring. An inspection conducted by a qualified electrician will help determine what needs to be fixed so you and your family stay safe in your home. Your inspector should cover your whole home and will examine common features such as:

  • Breakers
  • Fans
  • Exposed Wiring
  • Electrical Panels
  • Circuits
  • Switches
  • Outlets and More
 Remodel And Renovation Electrical Work Powdersville, SC


he electrical system in your home brings it to life from the lights and appliances we use every day to the entertainment we all love and enjoy. You want an electrician that makes you feel safe while delivering the quality services you're promised.


Full-Service Electrical Work for Home and Business

Whether you need light switch services for your newly renovated home or need a generator installed at your commercial property, L&M Electric is here to serve you. Our team will get the job done right, so you can get back to loving your life in the Lowcountry.

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 Electrician Powdersville, SC

Latest News in Powdersville, SC

Beaufort makes history with win over Powdersville

By Wes KerrLowcoSports.comBryce Lybrand and the Beaufort Eagles never forgot the feeling of coming up short. From the moment his former mentor snatched the crown away in 2021, Lybrand’s mind was set on taking that last step. Twelve months, 13 wins, and one masterpiece of a season later, the feeling at the final whistle was pure joy.Kacy Fields and Colton Phares combined for 417 yards on the ground, and the Eagles overcame an early 14-0 hole to soar past the Powdersville Patriots, 4...

By Wes Kerr

Bryce Lybrand and the Beaufort Eagles never forgot the feeling of coming up short. From the moment his former mentor snatched the crown away in 2021, Lybrand’s mind was set on taking that last step. Twelve months, 13 wins, and one masterpiece of a season later, the feeling at the final whistle was pure joy.

Kacy Fields and Colton Phares combined for 417 yards on the ground, and the Eagles overcame an early 14-0 hole to soar past the Powdersville Patriots, 41-31, on Thursday at Benedict College in Columbia and capture the 2022 SCHSL Class 3A football state championship to secure Beaufort County’s first public school state football title since 1945.

“It’s just so cool,” Lybrand said. “They just decided to keep fighting. Everybody did their job, and now we get to say ‘we’re state champions.’”

The opening script was all too familiar for the Eagles faithful. Powdersville was ready from the first snap to establish its own dominant ground game.

Sparked by electric senior and Virginia Tech commit Thomas Williams, the Patriots marched down the field on their opening drive. Williams used his wheels to break free down the right side for 30 yards, and quarterback Eli Hudgins scampered across the goal line from 6 yards out for the game’s opening score.

And just like a week ago at Dillon, the Eagles made a costly mistake on their first offensive series. After some miscommunication on the handoff between Fields and sophomore quarterback Samari Bonds, Joshaun Knuckles forced the ball loose to set up Powdersville near midfield and cause the all-important first turnover of the night.

And the Patriots cashed in.

Williams found a hole up the middle and burst through the Beaufort secondary for a 25-yard score and a 14-0 advantage. The hole was getting deeper, but the Eagles wouldn’t be rattled.

Lybrand went right back to a heavy dose of the two runners that brought their team back to Columbia. Beaufort’s drive looked bleak again when Peyton Little and Trez Fowler closed the hole on Fields to force a fourth-and-3 at midfield, but Lybrand pulled out some magic from his pocket to extend the drive — and the Eagles’ chances of leaving Columbia satisfied. Phares took the snap in punt formation, and the senior star burrowed forward to move the sticks.

The trick play stole the momentum right back for Beaufort, as a hard-working Eagles line opened up lanes for its two backs. Phares paid off Lybrand’s gamble on the 18th play of the drive, following his blockers to the outside and extending the ball across the pylon to put the Eagles on the scoreboard at 14-7.

Beaufort’s defense came back out with renewed energy, and Hart Cushman stuffed a pair of Patriot runs before Beaufort’s terrific pass rush and secondary forced a pair of incompletions to get the ball right back.

Phares picked up right where he left off the last series, bursting through the Patriot line for a 16-yard gain before he conjured up another moment of magic. The powerful senior back broke an open-field tackle and turned on the jets to outrun a diving Knuckles to the end zone. Just like that, the 14-point deficit was gone.

Powdersville was in desperate need of an answer, and the talented Williams came up with one himself. The Hokie commit displayed his superb athletic prowess on the field, taking a toss to the left side and weaving through a horde of Eagle defenders on his way to a highlight-reel 69-yard touchdown run.

But just as Beaufort High took another tough punch, Fields dealt an uppercut right back at the Upper State champs. The Patriots pressed their luck with another deep kickoff, and Kacy made them pay.

Fields reeled in the ball at his own 7 yard line and bolted down the right side through a swarm of Patriots and to the house to send the Kirkland Krazies wild – and tie up the game at 21. The Eagles left some time for Powdersville at the end of the half, and the Patriots rode the hot hand of Williams to just outside the Beaufort 20, but Phares was there to knock the football away from Drake Sloan to hold Powdersville to a Nate Spearman field goal and a 24-21 halftime margin.

The Eagles went to the locker room down by three, but their belief in the season’s final 24 minutes couldn’t have been higher.

“I told them at halftime, we got ‘em right where we want ‘em,” Lybrand said. “We’ve been down in every other game, so why not this one?”

With a chaotic second half looming, the Eagles knew that their opening drive would be crucial. And they executed it perfectly to nab their first lead of the game. After several strong runs from both Fields and Phares alongside hard-nosed blocking from Beaufort’s veteran line, Fields found pay dirt on the 11th play with a 12-yard run to the end zone. Phares set it up with a textbook block, and Fields used his elite speed to cruise in on the left side for his first rushing score of the game.

Beaufort’s defense came back out firing with a huge sack from Aaron Lamb and Quion Rivers, but the Patriots quickly found another moment of brilliance. And this time, they did it through the air.

Carter Bowersox arrived in the backfield quickly to put pressure on Hudgins, but the junior quarterback showed off his tremendous arm and slung a missile to Elijah Huggins who made a brilliant catch in traffic inside the Beaufort 10. Williams paid off the big play with a one-yard surge into the end zone, and the Patriots were back in front at 31-27.

Three plays later, it was Kacy’s turn again.

On a clutch third-and-4 at his own 25, Fields followed his blockers up the middle and quickly switched into high gear, shrugging off a pair of tacklers before cruising to the goal line without a Patriot in sight. It was the most dominant run yet in the biggest game of his career.

With the lead back in hand, the Eagles knew that one stop on defense could be the difference. As the fourth quarter dawned upon Charlie W. Johnson Stadium, the Eagles dug even deeper and shut the Patriots down. Williams took the carry on a pivotal fourth-and-two, and a swarm of hungry Eagles burst through the line to end the drive – and put the Lower State champs in command.

Beaufort promptly began to chew away clock on the ground, and the Patriots had no answer for either Fields or Phares. After 11 methodical runs and five minutes off the clock, Fields delivered the final blow. Stationed under center, Fields took the direct snap from the 1 as his teammates pushed him across. The lead swelled to 41-31, and the Eagles began to feel it.

With less than six minutes left to play, Powdersville needed a show-stopper from its stars to stay in it. But it was the Beaufort defense that delivered the encore and closed the curtain on a season of legend. Dom Camacho dislodged the ball from Hudgins as he dropped back, but the junior quarterback recovered and incredibly found Williams as he looked to sprint upfield. Suddenly, Bowersox came charging in, stripped the ball, and secured it himself.

It was a play that epitomized the heart of Beaufort’s defense – and the entire team. The Eagles got the football back, and this time they kept it for good.

With an offside call on fourth down and two more clutch conversions from Fields, Beaufort’s long-awaited celebration began. Fields was promptly given the game ball and skipped across the field with a beaming smile stretched from ear to ear.

The grind had paid off. The Eagles had done it.

“At the beginning of the season, our goal was to come out and win the state championship, not just come back here,” Fields said. “We put in the hard work in the weight room, on the football field, we watched film, everything. We put everything into place and now we’re state champions.”

Fields concluded a sensational senior year with a spectacular finale, rushing 37 times for 219 yards and three touchdowns alongside a 93-yard kick return. Phares was a warrior on the field, adding 198 rushing yards and two scores, while making seven tackles on defense with a key pass breakup.

Will Codding led the Eagle defense with nine tackles, and both Robert Johnson and Rivers put up six stops. Williams paced Powdersville with 236 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries.

The Eagles came away with the victory without attempting a single pass play in the game.

During the season, Bryce Lybrand gave each of his players a wristband with a simple but powerful message: “Great to Greatest.” On Thursday night, those young men accomplished that mission and cemented a legacy on Lady’s Island – and in the Lowcountry – that will never be forgotten.

“We challenged them to go from being a great Beaufort High football team to the greatest Beaufort High football team,” Lybrand said. “Every week they answered the bell, and I’m just so proud of them.”

Wes Kerr is a graduate of Hilton Head Island High School and Davidson College. He reports on local sports for

Dandy Dozen: Powdersville running back Thomas Williams is back for more

Powdersville High running back Thomas Williams is No. 3 on the 864Huddle Dandy Dozen, a ranking of the Upstate's top Class of 2023 football recruits. Thomas Williams doesn’t go a game without being noticed. Whether it’s on offense or defense, Williams shines brightly wherever he plays....

Powdersville High running back Thomas Williams is No. 3 on the 864Huddle Dandy Dozen, a ranking of the Upstate's top Class of 2023 football recruits.

Thomas Williams doesn’t go a game without being noticed. Whether it’s on offense or defense, Williams shines brightly wherever he plays.

The Powdersville star and Virginia Tech commit plays running back and defensive back. He’s one of the best athletes in the state and the No. 9 recruit in South Carolina according to 247sports.

Williams had an outstanding season last year and now, as a senior, he’s looking for more.

“Different year, same person, you know,” Williams said. “I’m trying to take that No. 1 spot (for most rushing yards) now.”

MEET THE DANDY DOZEN: The Upstate's top college football prospects for the Class of 2023

DANDY DOZEN'S NO. 6: Wren defensive back Travon West is No. 6 on the Upstate Dandy Dozen list

DANDY DOZEN'S NO. 8: Dandy Dozen: Why Powdersville linebacker Jalen Rambert is 'just different' from the rest

Gifted with ability

“(Thomas) is a fun one to have around,” Powdersville coach Robert Mustar said. “Watching him play since he was in middle school, I mean, it was clear he was going to be a standout type kid given the opportunity.”

Williams has lived up to that billing.

He’s a consummate athlete, so much so that Virginia Tech had two different coaches evaluate where he would fit best on their team.

“Virginia Tech was looking at him as a defensive back,” said Mustar. “Well in the spring, they brought a DB coach up here and talked to me. Very next day, they had their quarterbacks coach vouching for (him to play) the offensive side of the ball. … He is a kid that will unselfishly play both ways. And for us, we’re going to need him to do that.”

Williams was an All-State selection at running back last season. He’s also one of the top defensive backs. According to On3, Williams is ranked No. 61 in the nation at safety.

“He’s just that blessed as an athlete,” Mustar said. “I think athletically, I really don’t think he understands what all he still brings to the table. But that’s part of being humble, right? But I can tell you he’s a special kid.”

A soft-spoken leader

Williams makes a ton of noise with his electric play on the field. But when he speaks, his voice is gentle and cautious.

“I’m quiet. I don’t talk a lot,” said Williams. “You have to get used to me to get me out of my little circle.”

Even with his tranquil nature, Williams is a leader on the team and commands that responsibility.

“He’s more of a lead-by-example guy because he is soft-spoken.” Mustar said. “But the pretty cool thing is whenever somebody needs their attention gotten, he'll get it, he'll speak up. And it's refreshing that he's not talking all the time, you know, because when he says something, as a coach you kind of perk up, like, oh man, we’re ready to go now. And others respond that too.”

Last season, Powdersville fell short in the state quarterfinals after going undefeated until that point. This time around, Williams plans to take the team all the way.

“That’s what I plan on doing this year is leading my team to state,” Williams said. “The times where I see people lack on the field and off the field, or not in the right place at the right time, I’m willing to (say), ‘Hey bro, c’mon bro, wake up.’ I’m really a leader out here.”

Family matters

Williams says his quiet, modest nature comes from things he’s endured with his mother while growing up.

He’s focused on setting her up with everything she’s dreamed of. And to achieve that, Williams just puts his head down and works hard for it.

“That’s all I grind for is to retire my mom,” Williams said. “After I retire my mom, I wouldn’t say the job is finished, but it’s finished with her and not for me. I’ll still have more to get. But other than that, I’ll be happy for her to be retired and not have to work anymore.”

Family is important for Williams, and that can’t be overstated. They’re all in it together.

It was a “dream come true” for Williams to host his college commitment ceremony and share the moment with his family. They’ve helped him get to where he is now, and he doesn’t forget that.

Williams still has a long journey ahead of him to achieve his dreams, but his motives and hunger will remain the same because he’s on a mission.

“We stayed with my grandma a couple of times because we couldn’t find a house,” Williams remembered about times with his mother. “Now she’s got her own place. It’s not a big house, but it’s something to get through. So, from here on out my plan is to get her something big, like how she dreamed of. I know she wants to stay in Cali, so that’s where I plan to move her out to, Cali.”

Joshua Miller covers high school sports for The Anderson Independent-Mail. Have questions, story ideas, scores and stats involving high school athletics? Send them to his email at and follow him on Twitter: @NameIsJoshua

Here's how Anderson, Pickens area football teams did in the first round of playoffs

The first round of the South Carolina High School League kicked off Friday night. Some teams advanced and some weren't as fortunate.See which Anderson and Pickens area teams advanced to the next round and which teams played its last game of the year.BHP ADVANCES:Unde...

The first round of the South Carolina High School League kicked off Friday night. Some teams advanced and some weren't as fortunate.

See which Anderson and Pickens area teams advanced to the next round and which teams played its last game of the year.

BHP ADVANCES:Underclassmen step up as BHP breezes by Walhalla to advance to the second round

ON THE RADAR:These 12 athletes are candidates for Upstate Football Player of the Year

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PREDICITONS:We picked every SC high school football championship. Here are our predictions.

BHP eases by Walhalla

Once Belton-Honea Path took control of its game against Walhalla, the Bears never lost it. BHP went on to win, 36-18, and advanced to the second round of the AAA playoffs.

Next round BHP (10-1) will be on the road against Clinton (11-0).

Daniel finishes strong vs. Southside

Daniel and Southside were scoreless through the first quarter until Daniel turned up the heat and went up 21-6 by halftime. Daniel went on to win 49-14 to advance in the AAA bracket.

Next week Daniel (11-0) will host Woodruff (6-5).

Westside outscores Midland Valley

Westside and Midland Valley had a high scoring battle that ended with Westside winning 45-35. Westside scored five rushing touchdowns to help advance to the second round of the AAAA playoffs.

Westside (9-2) will host Indian Land (7-4) next Friday.

T.L. Hanna survives a scare

T.L. Hanna won 36-35 over White Knoll in the first round of the AAAAA playoffs to advance. T.L. Hanna outscored White Knoll 13-0 in the fourth quarter to squeeze by for the win.

Next round, T.L. Hanna (10-1) will host Spartanburg (7-4).

Powdersville makes early statement

Powdersville ended Crescent's season by winning 50-14. By the end of the first quarter, Powdersville led 36-6 and made a statement to advance to the next round of the AAA playoffs.

Powdersville (10-1) will play Chester (7-4) at home next week.

Wren falls short to Seneca

Wren was tied 14-14 with Seneca by halftime. Then Wren couldn't find an answer for Seneca's 24-point third quarter and ended up losing 45-20 in the first round of the AAA playoffs.

Wren ends its season 3-8 overall.

Easley gets knocked out by North Augusta

Easley couldn't find much on offense to match North Augusta and lost 26-14 in the AAAA playoffs. Easley linebacker Talan Scott ended the night with a whopping 22 total tackles.

Easley finishes the year with a 6-5 overall record.

Saluda buries Liberty with early lead

Saluda held a 43-0 lead over Liberty by halftime of the AA playoff matchup. Liberty got on the board in the third quarter and went on to lose 43-7.

Liberty's season ends with a 4-7 overall record.

Joshua Miller covers high school sports for The Anderson Independent-Mail. Have questions, story ideas, scores, and stats involving high school athletics? Send them to his email at and follow him on Twitter: @NameIsJoshua

Chapman baseball drops Powdersville, makes SCHSL Class AAA state championship series

INMAN — Chapman came into Wednesday's Class AAA Upper State baseball championship needing to win one game of the double-elimination tournament. After falling to visiting Powdersville in the first matchup, the Panthers bounced back to clinch their spot in the state championship with a 9-2 win."I didn't see any quit in their eyes when they were down 2-0, and then Johann (Rodriguez), who's been huge for us all playoffs long coming through in big situations, did again right there to make it even," said Chapm...

INMAN — Chapman came into Wednesday's Class AAA Upper State baseball championship needing to win one game of the double-elimination tournament. After falling to visiting Powdersville in the first matchup, the Panthers bounced back to clinch their spot in the state championship with a 9-2 win.

"I didn't see any quit in their eyes when they were down 2-0, and then Johann (Rodriguez), who's been huge for us all playoffs long coming through in big situations, did again right there to make it even," said Chapman coach Steven Fusaro. "When Johann and then Hudson (Moss) came through for us, it just ignited a confidence in everybody else on this team."

It didn't always look like the night would have a happy ending for Chapman, which entered 5-0 in the postseason. After a back-and-forth first game that the Patriots won, it looked as if the tournament could go either way. That is until Ricky Montalvo got on the mound for Chapman to start Game 2.

Montalvo, the Panthers' ace who's committed to play at Newberry, was able to hold the Patriots to two earned runs in his complete-game outing. Though Fusaro had hoped to hold Montalvo for the state championship series opener against Oceanside Collegiate on Saturday, falling in the first game forced his hand.

More on Chapman's playoff run:Chapman baseball gets revenge in dominant playoff performance, led by ace Ricky Montalvo

Playoff Baseball Schedule:South Carolina high school baseball state tournament schedule, scores

"When you get to this point, you're playing to win a state championship. We knew that we had a great player waiting in the wings if we didn't get that first game," Fusaro said. "And when we didn't, Rick went out there and did what he does. Big Pitch Rick came in and just gave us an absolute gem."

"My goal was to go out there and dominate," Montalvo said. "I knew my defense would make plays, and ... I trust them so much, when I go up there, my mentality is to throw strikes and let my defense work behind me."

Though Montalvo's arm put the Panthers in a good position, the bats of junior catcher Johann Rodriquez and sophomore outfielder Hudson Moss put the game over the top for Chapman.

"When we went down 2-0, I remember the first thought in my head was, 'I'm not going to let this be the last ball game I play with this group of seniors,' who I'm really close with," Rodriquez said. "I'm excited that I was able to come up big for them, excited I was able to come up big in that situation and give us a chance to eventually win the game."

That's exactly what Rodriquez did, when he tied the score at 2 before the ball really started rolling Chapman's way. They took the lead and never looked back after Moss hit a two-RBI double off the top of the fence — barely missing out on a homer — to put the Panthers ahead 4-2.

"I'm just speechless, man," Moss said. "I don't even remember what the at-bat was like. I was so excited to see the ball hit off the fence. I don't remember anything. I'm just so happy for this team."

Chapman will take on Oceanside Collegiate on Saturday at Shipyard Park outside of Charleston in Game 1 of the best-of-three series.


September 2022 EditionHello again everybody! Like many of you, several around here have spent the summertime or Labor Day weekend traveling the highways and byways of the land. So we thought we’d have a look at traffic counts!Our colleagues at SCDOT maintain traffic counting stations at more than 400 locations throughout the county. They perform the counts using specialized equipment and have a methodology they use to determine Annual Average Daily Traffic, or AADT, at these locations.We’ll s...

September 2022 Edition

Hello again everybody! Like many of you, several around here have spent the summertime or Labor Day weekend traveling the highways and byways of the land. So we thought we’d have a look at traffic counts!

Our colleagues at SCDOT maintain traffic counting stations at more than 400 locations throughout the county. They perform the counts using specialized equipment and have a methodology they use to determine Annual Average Daily Traffic, or AADT, at these locations.

We’ll share some general observations here, but if you want more info go to, where SCDOT maintains an interactive mapping applications that will allow you to search traffic statistics in your community!

INTERSTATE LOVE SONGNOTE: All traffic count data below reference calendar year 2021

The highest volume traffic counts are, as you might have guessed, on Interstate 85, where SCDOT maintains twelve counting stations within Anderson County’s borders. The distinction of highest traffic count in all of Anderson County goes to traffic station (STA) #2287, located in Powdersville between SC 153 and the Saluda River. This station had average daily traffic (ADT) of 109,600 vehicles. The volume of traffic observed here is 20% higher than that observed at the second-busiest station in Anderson county, which is located in…you guessed it! Powdersville! STA 2285 counts traffic on I-85 between 153 and River Road, and its ADT in 2021 was 90,800.

Traffic volumes decrease steadily as one moves southwest on I-85 through Anderson County, reaching around 71,000 approaching Exit 27, down to 53,000 nearing Exit 19, and dropping to 44,500 as one crosses into Oconee County.


Let’s see how local traffic volumes compare in general to that on the interstate. The non-Interstate counting station recording the highest traffic volume is STA #221, and its ADT is 38,700. Where would you guess STA 221 to be located?

A) Saylor’s Crossroads B) Craytonville

C) Varennes D) Powdersville

Yep—it’s Powdersville. STA #221 counts traffic on Hwy 153 between the Interstate and SC 81. And the second-highest volume station is also on 153. That would be STA #222, which weighs in with an ADT of 33,300 between SC 81 and the Pickens County line.


It is worth noting here that funding for highway and related transportation projects in Powdersville is managed by an entity known as the Greenville-Pickens-Anderson Transportation Study (GPATS). Administration of GPATS is hosted by Greenville County, and the GPATS board and support committees are comprised of elected officials representing counties and municipalities within the GPATS borders. As the Greenville area has the majority of population in the GPATS boundary area, it so has a controlling number of voting representatives on the GPATS board. Funding for projects in Powdersville has to compete with projects all throughout Greenville and Pickens counties.


Let’s look at traffic volumes in our municipal areas. The highest volume station in the City of Anderson (STA #131) is located on Clemson Boulevard and counts traffic along the section from US 178 (Wal-Mart) down to near Anderson Mall. The 2021 ADT count there was 31,300. Other areas of interest in the Anderson City Limits are:


The latest major local thoroughfare to come into service is the East-West Connector. How does traffic look there as of 2021? Moving from west to east:


City of Belton: Quiz time! Is traffic in the Belton City Limits heavier on South Main Street or Anderson Street (US 76)?

As it would be, traffic is heavier, by the width of a Wheaties flake, on South Main Street. Located just south of town square, STA #145 has an ADT of 10,000 while STA #143 (near Wendell’s) has a count of 9,800.

Town of Honea Path: Highest traffic volume is observed at STA #153, which counts 8,600 trips per day on the section of E. Greer Street between Church Street and Highway 252. The count is 7,600 ADT on Church Street near McCoy Lumber.

Town of Iva: We see 6,000 ADT recorded at STA #201, located on Highway 81 between West Broad Street and Good Hope Church Road.

Town of Pelzer: According to SCDOT, there’s an ADT of 4,000 at STA#174, located on Highway 20 between Highway 8 and the bridge into Greenville County.

Town of Pendleton: Pendleton’s highest traffic volumes are observed on US 76 at Tri-County Technical College, where STA #124 has an ADT of 17,300. Highest volume in the more “traditional” town area is seen on South Mechanic Street between US 76 and West Queen Street (8,300; STA #187).

Town of Starr: “America’s Mayor” Ed Sokol boasts an ADT of 8,000 at STA #203, located on Highway 81 in the heart of his jurisdiction.

Town of West Pelzer: Average traffic volume on Main Street is 8,100 trips per day (STA #160).

Town of Williamston: Spring Water Park is so beautiful that 11,700 vehicles pass by it each day!


And what, you might ask, is the least-travelled road in Anderson County? We cannot say for sure—SCDOT does not monitor every road, and we have not had the opportunity to ask what criteria the agency uses for such determinations.

That said—SCDOT’s data tells us that the lowest traffic volume of any station in Anderson County was recorded at STA #491, located on Manning Road in southernmost Anderson County. Manning Road has an ADT of 75 between Barnes Station Road and the Elberton Highway.


Before we go, how about some miscellaneous traffic data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey[1]?

Out of an estimated 88,997 workers aged 16 years and over:

Until next time …So Long Everybody!


[1] U.S. Census Bureau, 2016-2020 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates


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