L & M Electric, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Roger Lee and John Mezzles in Atlanta, Georgia. With a combined 46 years of electrical experience, the two set out to create a company that offers unparalleled service and quality workmanship to all of its builders and clients.


The family-owned and operated business specializes in residential electrical work including new construction wiring, remodels, renovations, and at-home service and repairs. We've been recognized as a top rate elite service provider on HomeAdvisor for our quality electrical work.

Spanning the Southeast, L & M Electric, Inc. serves communities across Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee with over 100 employees.  

We are proud to have worked alongside some of the nation's largest builders for nearly two decades including D.R. Horton. Our service has been recognized industry-wide year after year, including Vendor of the Year and Contractor of the Year.


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The strong partnership between our two founding families (the Lees and Mezzles), provides our company the experience, wisdom, and skills to serve our customers with excellence in a sustainable way. Their lead-by-example approach inspires and guides the leadership and staff with how we treat and serve others internally and externally.

Dawn & Roger Lee 
Founders & Owners

The L in L & M Electric represents the Lees (Dawn & Roger Lee) as co-owners of this service business. Roger is often seeking out the best way to successfully deliver the affordability of quality electrical service for new home builders and homeowners requiring installation and repairs. He believes in doing things the right way the first time. He compliments John Mezzles with his knack for understanding the numbers and building ways to increase probability while also taking care of people.

Carrie & John Mezzles
Founders & Owners

The M in L & M Electric references the Mezzles (Carrie & John) as co-owners of the company. With a background in commercial construction and detailed custom homes, the Mezzles hold our company's Master Electrician license allowing us to operate throughout the southeast United States. John compliments the strengths of fellow owner Roger Lee acting as the personable face of the business building and sustaining the many important relationships that allow L & M Electric to Thrive.


Kevin Lee 

Chief Executive Officer


Justin Lee 

Chief Financial Officer



Richard Lee 

Chief Operational Officer




Since our founding in 2009, L&M Electric Inc. has pursued excellence in the work we've done for new home builders and homeowners. On both fronts, our quality work has been recognized by D.R. Horton (for builders) and HomeAdvisor (for working directly with homeowners).


If you're seeking a reliable and affordable electrician in your home or as a

business partner, L&M Electric is a top consideration for your next project.


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham

CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Nashville

VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Greenville


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham


VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Birmingham

VENDOR OF THE YEAR - D.R. Horton - Greenville